Dr Ohling is a breath of fresh air. Finally a Dr who understands hormone balance in men and women, and the impact they have on well being and health. Not only can he find the root cause, but has the know-how to fix these hormonal issues. I would recommend him time and time again.

James S.

Dr Ohling is very helpful and knowledgeable. I am in my 40s and feeling better than I have in over a decade. Getting body on track is key and Dr Ohling is the man to help with that. Do yourself a favor and give his office a call.

C Varga.

Dr. Ohling was very thorough and knowledgeable. He was great with listening to and addressing my concerns.

Kurt R.

I had been in a car accident April 11, 2011, herniated 2 discs in my lower back. Was told I’d most likely need back surgery in 10 years 😱

Through the years I have tried to stay healthy and Happy and still exercise with in reason . Hiking, inclines or elevation always gave me much back pain.
Long story short, my Husband Wade introduced me to Dr Ohling and he thought I’d be a good candidate for the Prolozone injections. I had 3 injections and was Amazed…. my Husband and I took a backpacking trip to Havasupai which is a hidden gem in Arizona. Its 10 mile in and 10 miles back out with an elevation of over 1000 feet which normally I would be in Excruciating pain , on this trip I had ZERO pain.
I’m so thankful to Dr Ohling and would swear by the Prolozone injections, turned my life around 😁

Laura S.

Dr Ohling has been great to help me! I have more energy, sleep better and have an overall healthier life!
Katie C.

Dr. Ohling is the only provider I’ve talked to who has a vast understanding of the neuroendocrine and hormonal systems, which gives him a unique ability to care for his patients in a holistic manner. Best doctor in northern Utah to help patients achieve optimal physical and mental health.
Brock C.

Dr Ohling is very attentive, and has helped me immensely in my journey to becoming healthier!
Conrad A.

I have and continue to be impressed by Dr. Ohling’s knowledge, skill set and kindness. He was able to properly diagnose what was causing my hypothyroidism which has led to the correct treatment options.

He incorporates my desire for holistic medicine with traditional care.

He always has the best bedside manner and truly values what I have to say. I never feel rushed and always leave with a plan of action to continue on my path to wellness.

His ability to tell me how it is and give me options is very important to me. It’s never a here take this and we’ll hope it helps like I was getting from my previous doctor.

I recommend him to all my family, friends and clients.

Talesha C.

Excellent Dr. knows his stuff. Very knowledgeable and excellent with men’s health and hormones for women. Seems to dig deeper and really tries to get to the root of the problem instead of just throwing a band aid on it. Professional and really spends time with you!

Erik S.

If you’re not into taking a bunch of medications that cause unwanted side effects and if you’re looking for great naturalistic treatment this is the place for you. Dr Ohling has helped me manage my mood, high blood pressure, and stress levels without traditional pharmaceutical products.

Tyler S.

This place is amazing, the staff is awesome. They can help you with anything you need for your health.
Paul F.

Dr. Ohling has helped me tremendously in regaining my health. He is knowledgeable and cares about his patients. l have struggled with poor health for many years and after my symptoms became debilitating I was told by other doctors that I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and there was nothing I could do. I came to Dr Ohling and with his help I have made huge progress. My body is healing and I feel like I am getting my life back. What I appreciate about Dr Ohling is his willingness to listen and then thoughtfully come up with solutions that address the underlying cause of my individual symptoms. I would highly recommend Dr. Ohling.
Melinda C.